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Full scale revolution

let the fury fly....

feminist direct action
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This site was created to both foster and support direct action in the feminist community. This space is for both the planning and implementation of direct action that will further the goals of the womens' movement.

The guidelines of this community are currently under construction. Any immediate questions can be addressed to funnydyke

If you have an interest you think should be added, please let a mod know!!

2nd wave feminism, 3rd wave feminism, ableism, activism, ageism, androgyny, anti-misogyny, anti-patriarchy, anti-racism, anti-rape, anti-sexism, binaries, bisexual, bisexuality, black feminists, border crossing, borders, civil disobedience, classism, community, contested spaces, critical race theory, cross-cultural communication, cultural studies, cultural theory, d.i.y, debunking, deconstructing gender, direct action, discussion, diversity, domestic violence, drag kings, dykes, education, equal rights amendment, equality, feminazi, feminism, feminist action, feminist criticism, feminist epistemology, feminist theory, feminists, first wave feminism, freedom, ftm, gender, gender and language, gender benders, gender deconstruction, gender studies, genderqueer, girl culture, girlhood, girls, global feminism, grassroots movements, grrls, guerrilla girls, heterosexism, human rights, international feminist movements, intersex, judith butler, justice, lesbian, lesbians, lgbt issues, liberal feminism, manifesta, marxist feminism, materialist feminism, misogyny, mtf, patriarchy, people of color, politics, power, privilege, pro-choice, queer rights, queers, radical, radical cheerleaders, radical feminism, resistance, respect, rights, riot grrl, safe spaces, safer sex, safety, second wave feminism, self actualization, self worth, self-esteem, semantics, semiotics, sex education, sex positive, sexism, sexuality, sister spit, support, systems of oppression, take back the night, the women's liberation movement, theory, thinking, third wave feminism, third world feminism, title ix, trans, transexual, transfeminism, transgender, transnational feminism, vagina monologues, vaginas, women, women of color, women studies, women's health, women's history, women's liberation, women's liberation movement, women's rights, women's studies, womens'rights, womyn, womyn studies


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