Hopita (hopita) wrote in feminist_action,

Plastic Speculums

I just read a post over at howsexworks called "Just say no… to plastic speculums." The gist seems to be that doctors use plastic speculums because they're cheap, but that they can break and injure women, so we should refuse to allow them to be used.
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wow, that's a bummer. My new gyno uses those, and she's the best gyno I've ever had. They're much less uncomfortable, too. That's disappointing to hear.
I'm goign to be a doctor in 3 months. I always felt the plastic speculums were better because they weren't cold in the "Cold duck lips way." They also are available in many different sizes, whereas the metal speculums are reusable, but then need to be sterilized each time, so if the sterilizer has a problem, or you only have so many of a certain size speculum, its a problem. We always use metal speculum for procedures like LEEPs, ect. The usual pap/annual exam is usully just fine with a plastic one, though. I'll have to ask my precepters to see how they feel about plastic vs metal.