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music for feminism

hi! I moderated community music_action  (Music for Social and Civil Action, Freedom, Peace, Environment and Human Rights).
Сan advise the music video, which reflects the ideas of feminism?

music_action  - this is a Russian-speaking community activists, but you can write in any language.

View the video, which we collected - an cut:

Danila Satragno - Donne Du Du Dux.
Bettina Wegner - No Woman No Cry / Weine nicht, aber schrei!
Tori Amos - Me and a Gun & Silent.
Bebe - Malo.
Daniele Sepe - Radisol.
Dolly Parton - Nine to Five.
"Mann Ke Manjeere".
"Bread and Roses: Women's Suffrage".
Nina Simone - Four Women.
Mylene Farmer - California.
Pink - Stupid Girls.
Liliana Felipe - Mujer Inconveniente.
Brenda Fassie - Mpundulu - Nomakhanjani.
"Breaking the silence" .
Ms Dynamite - Mr. Prime Minister.
"Weight of a Wall" .
The Accolade - Pinocchio.
Lady Saw - No Less Than a Woman.
A-HA - Differences + Hunting High And Low.
Joan Baez - It Ain't Me, Babe.
Articolo 31 - La mia ragazza mena.
"Movimentos Feministas".
"Discrimination in mass media".
Bat For Lashes - Whats a Girl To Do.
Saffire - альбомы с феминистическими песнями.
PayTV - Fashion Report.
"Japan Sex Slaves".
Dia da Mulher - Mulheres que fazem História.
Koralee Nickarz - Dildo Song.oin!
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